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What does it mean when the display says?

Weslo Daybreak code "Prr"

If you've got a digital display and keep getting some strange indications from it or flashing lights that don't make sense, post your question here.

Weslo Daybreak code "Prr"

Postby missmyspa » Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:55 pm

I've had several problems with the control unit of my hot tub and various codes. I recently took the box apart, verified the heater worked, cleaned everything, and took my best guess at putting it back together. As of now, the only display I get is "Prr". The pump will come on if I push the heat up button, but it shuts off after a while with the water still cold.

I don't think this company exists anymore, so I was hoping to find a lead on a good wiring diagram or listing of code displays .

It's an Icon Weslo Daybreak model #WLHS40070 (circa 1997). Wired for 240v. It has an Icon HT-600 control box (model #ZOEKRBC-0300AE7).

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